Uzbekistan Interest Rates

The Uzbek economy, with a population of 30.2 million (est. 2013), ranks 66th in the world with a GDP PPP of $113.8 billion and GDP PPP per capita of $3,762 vs. $53,101 (United States) according to the IMF in 2013. The national currency in the country is the Uzbekistan som (UZS) that is issued by Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan ( Banks have their website in Russian, Uzbek and English. Deposit accounts are called time deposits within the country with foreign currency deposit products also available in USD and EUR. According to its inflation was 10.1% in 2013 and 11.4% in 2012 (Although CIA indicates CPI suggests 22% in 2012).

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Uzbekistan Banks

Provider Branch Founded Ownership
National Bank of Uzbekistan National Bank Of Uzbekistan 96 1991 Local
Kapitalbank Kapitalbank 12 2001 N/A
Ravnaq Bank Ravnaq Bank 11 2001 Local
Infin Bank Infin Bank 8 2008 Local
Orient Finans Bank Orient Finans Bank 7 2010 Local

Uzbekistan Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: hi....can i start a fixed deposit in your bank?i'm a sri lankan citizen.i can i exchange currency and return my money at the end of period. thank you.

    Reply prabash from Sri Lanka
  • Deposits
    Q: What is the step process for foreigner to take so he/she can deposit money in Uzbekistan and benefit the high interest being offered there? What document do may required for an application? What is the rates of witholding taxes in Uzbekistan? Thank You

    Reply Rafael from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Deposits
    Q: I have asked a question a month ago and didn’t get an answer. Anyway can I open an account without coming or being there?

    Reply ًًMartin from Konya, Turkey
    • R: Dear Martin, It's impossible. I live in Uzbekistan and know that you have to be present there.

      Reply Alla
  • Deposits
    Q: Can I get a better interest rate than whet it says?

    Reply ًًMartin from Konya, Turkey
  • Deposits
    Q: Hi I want to deposit 60 thousand dollars for one year how much interest rate

    Reply Hassan from Redhill, United Kingdom
  • Deposits
    Q: Is there a month that banks pay more interest

    Reply Martin from United States
  • Deposits
    Q: Can Christian US Citizens become residents of Uzbekistan safely? I would deposit $100,000 and hope to live off interest, but what are the tax liability in UZ for interest income? I know there was a city hosting a big conference recently and have a good background in epidemiology. And problemsolving.

    Reply Mika from Worcester, United States
  • Ravnaq Bank - Deposits - Ravnaq Bank 3 Month Term Deposit
    Q: The link to Ravnaq Bank is returning an invalid certificate. Gone directly to the bank's web site but, it does not provide interest rates for deposits. Can you confirm your information and advise?

    Reply connie from Hopkins, United States
  • National Bank Of Uzbekistan
    Q: I want to open new account in one of Switzerland banks.So can you tell me how I make this?

    Reply Alibek from Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Deposits
    Q: Hi if I have money in bank. Do I allowed to get residents I am new Zealand citizens an how safe is there bank

    Reply Tee from Pahurehure, New Zealand